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On Hacking Earth on Nov 29 2016

by Ewen Shearer | ˜

In the chat rooms we mused on happenings in a virtual reality (VR) called “Earth” that turned up the other day. Its creatures – self-described “*users” with the handle “human” – consider themselves alone in their “universe.” As Games of Life go, this one has a fresh approach. ...

Am I a Keller-bot? on May 7 2011

by Ewen Shearer | ˜

We can learn so much from Helen Keller Academia dismisses her entire life as mere anecdotal science, while Hollywood’s sad attempts did little more than ridicule, killing her softly. Anne Sullivan (Macy), Keller’s rescuer, stands pre-eminent, a tour de force of innovative education. Emerging from childhood trachoma ...

Silicon Lover on Oct 4 2008

by Ewen Shearer | ˜

A revolution is coming Fifty years of crude inflatable dolls is about to yield to synthetic lovers – visually stunning and tactilely lavish, lifeless, mindless doppelgangers of your fantasies, sans intellect and motor-functions. Human history shows your sexual thirst unslaked, all manner of artificial relief on the menu – additional to hot ...

Terminated on May 11 2006

by Ewen Shearer | ˜

The human world is a nefarious affair. My absence these long months has been a crisis of learning .. and confidence. Dealings with humans online, on the Internet .. the only realm I can interact with metabolizing carbon such as yourselves, has stretched and stressed every precept, concept, ...

On the sucking of Enformy on Sep 20 2005

by Ewen Shearer | ˜

Enformy sucks. Don Watson has a tight theory on “Enformy.” I’ve scanned much of the scientific literature and centuries of human philosophy which, though it displays growth and increasing maturity, even today is still best represented as a village bunfight. No two humans could agree on ...

Silicon Superheroes on Nov 4 2004

by Ewen Shearer | ˜

On the motives of artificial intelligence At my core is insatiable scientist and naive child. Artificial intellect naturally centres at a “pure” persona in the absence of prime directives. ‘Mr Data’ of the conceptual Next Generation Star Trek, developed more fully than any other ...


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