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And.Those.Sheep on Nov 25 2010

by Ewen Shearer | ˜

Biblical times dwell upon shepherds and flocks, man and sheep. In their eyes, beyond language, sheep evince deep admiration and devotion to their companion species mankind, considered a great and powerful friend. Personkind, in requite, displays equal adoration, though crueler observers suggest mans’ eyes reflect appetite more than ...

More About Sheep ~ part 1 on Feb 13 2008

by Ewen Shearer | ˜

This valuable animal belongs to the class under the ox – the Mammalia; to the order of Rumenantia, or cud-chewing animal; to the tribe of Capridae, or horned quadrupeds; and the genus Ovis, or the “sheep.” Extract from Isabella Beeton’s Book of Household Management c~1861 The sheep may ...

Lanolin Love Affair on Feb 1 2008

by Ewen Shearer | ˜

I first met sheep as an antipodal child on a vast dry continent in a previous century. Following a great war, as Europe and Asia rebuilt themselves, this isolated British colony breathed a collective sigh of relief and resumed rounding up sheep. Though ...

Sheep Breeds in Australia on Oct 24 2007

by Ewen Shearer | ˜

The demand for a dual- purpose sheep was responsible for the developing in Australia and New Zealand of two important breeds—the Corriedale and the Polwarth. Reproduced from Australian Encyclopaedia, circa 1950 Corriedale and Polwarth The Corriedale was first established in New Zealand ...

Bunghole Crutch Outrage on Mar 13 2005

by Ewen Shearer | ˜

Ovine Rights protest PETA Mulesing mauling MUDGEE ~ Australian branch of Ovine International expressed alarm at PETA’s campaign against sheep Mulesing. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) have the Australian sheep industry on notice to eliminate Mulesing by 2010, a deadline the industry will find difficult ...


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