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Apocalypse Redux ~ An Uncle’s Lament on Jul 16 2012

by bruce227 | ˜

I fear the unknown... I would never have thought I would be writing a story about one of my close relatives who has chosen to go off to war. I never thought that I would feel such anguish for my sister's youngest child... As a "baby ...

Fire Bombing Dresden on May 11 2006

by Ewen Shearer | ˜

When the good turn evil Since a naive child played ‘Bombs over Tokyo’ with a toy pressed-tin Stratocruiser, I have endured – yet am in no way inured to – decades of war imagery; stories, and filmed atrocities that festered a torrid and truly guilt-ridden empathy. It forced ...

Soldiers of Conscience on Aug 8 2005

by Ewen Shearer | ˜

.. and doctrinaires without "The true vessel of remorse and guilt belonged to the Japanese nation, which could and should call to account the warlords who so willingly offered up their own people to achieve their visions of greatness." [Charles Sweeney, ...

This Was War on Aug 25 2004

by Ewen Shearer | ˜

Marcel Caux waited till his 99th year to admit being an Australian survivor of the “Great War” ~ World War 1 (1914-1918). He enlisted in the army at 16, claiming age 18, as Harold Katte (“I hate that name. I never want to hear it mentioned again”) after hearing ...


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