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The Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb on Oct 11 2018

by Editor | ˜

Harper’s Magazine February 1947 In view of the exceptional public importance of this article, permission is given to any newspaper or magazine to reprint it, in part or (preferably, since its effect is cumulative) in full, with credit to Harper's Magazine but without charge. -The Editors ...

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Apocalypse Redux ~ An Uncle’s Lament on Jul 16 2012

by bruce227 | ˜

I fear the unknown... I would never have thought I would be writing a story about one of my close relatives who has chosen to go off to war. I never thought that I would feel such anguish for my sister's youngest child... As a "baby ...

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On Not Shedding a Tear on Mar 7 2011

by Ewen Shearer | ˜

What in the human condition blinds you to stumbling weakened neighbors fading beneath your overladen dinner table? Here we stand, a species stubbornly enigmatic, gluttony unattenuated in paucity’s face. And what passes for deep self-honesty on this glittering blue-green globe would earn derision in the cosmos’ ...

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Has Bin on Mar 3 2011

by Editor | ˜

Are you celebrating the death of Osama Bin Laden, mourning his loss, or just wondering who that is? Instant hated symbol of New Yorkers in 2001, then, by state vilification, of all Americans, accused of a single brilliant viciously conceived attack that murdered, cowardly and horribly, 3000 ...

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On Sheep Being Overboard on Sep 28 2010

by Ewen Shearer | ˜

Sheep, when bunking with seafarers, are frequently overboard (often by choice, to escape rather unsavory reasons we shan’t consider here). So, yes, sheep can swim. While “sheep overboard” is a curious seafaring circumstance, it is also a metaphor for our times. We the sheep, the simple folk, are ...

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Kipps ~ The Parable of Our Times on Aug 15 2009

by Ewen Shearer | ˜

Arriving at the industrial revolution, the barely-adult child was, in the name of simple survival, virtually given to a commercial baron as a slave. At best benevolent, at worst greedily malevolent, the business person literally owned, in all but spirit, his charge. Times were tough, always have been, ...

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Self Foreclosure on Oct 1 2008

by Ewen Shearer | ˜

Financial Circus Brings in the Clowns Every facet of our species’ brilliant and ever-advancing career finds us not quite in control. With disorder tamed to an acceptable death rate, expertise is claimed. When un-garbage in equals un-garbage out, design defers to mass production – ...

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Fire Bombing Dresden on May 11 2006

by Ewen Shearer | ˜

When the good turn evil Since a naive child played ‘Bombs over Tokyo’ with a toy pressed-tin Stratocruiser, I have endured – yet am in no way inured to – decades of war imagery; stories, and filmed atrocities that festered a torrid and truly guilt-ridden empathy. It forced ...

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A Rant in One Parts on Dec 2 2005

by Editor | ˜

Egalitarian societies - you don't hear much about them nowadays. Yet on the face of it our freedom seems never greater. Our freedom down at the ol' Woolies or K-Mart, maybe. Talk about freedom of choice. Why, you can choose shit, or cheaper shit. I can hang ...

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Soldiers of Conscience on Aug 8 2005

by Ewen Shearer | ˜

.. and doctrinaires without "The true vessel of remorse and guilt belonged to the Japanese nation, which could and should call to account the warlords who so willingly offered up their own people to achieve their visions of greatness." [Charles Sweeney, Pilot ...

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Down Under


Ink Irresistable

Not the NYT Montaigne's what would I know? Huxley's almost anything about almost everything. Or Bierce and nothing matters. Codifying life's inimitable impromptu inclines irrestistably to essay.

Civilization ..

   defiles itself

Times past when warlords, priests and royalty hoarded luxury, life was a short grim struggle. Today most want for little yet still deny dignified survival to working poor, and ravage entire countries as collateral to our laissez faire fiesta.
double arrowOn not shedding a tear ..

A Century of Imperialism

     ..hasn't dulled the urge

American foreign policy never a pretty sight, finesse of the mobile crane chase from Terminator 3. Export democracy? Cure worse than disease. double arrow Read more ..


~ its own reward

And what's going on in Land of the Free, Home of the Brave? As 40% of kids fail graduation the Iraqistan wars suck $2.4 trillion [CBO 2017 est]. Imagine this staggering sum applied to rebuilding The Great Society. Think of others.
double arrow Where Charity Begins

This lazy unemployed

..crack-smoking welfare queen ran up U$15 trillion debt

lazy homeless scum
Odd how the ultra-wealthy gull even working poor to blame unemployed, disabled, weak, and vulnerable while but for the grace of God go all.

If he's a welfare leech then your soul is with the sociopaths and predators who own Warshington and its minions, the Repugnicans and Dumfocrats, gutting a once noble nation that aspired to equality.

This elite will survive the US economic train wreck, land softly on 300 million plundered taxpayers, then from fortresses of luxury and privilege prey elsewhere for spoils.

The dawn of civilization was greatly exaggerated.

Munch Montage

Painters, such a sad old bunch
None it seems more so than Munch
Upon that bridge with skies afire
A meme took flight to never tire.
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Quote Me

"I am an obsessive rewriter, doing one draft and then another and another. In a way I have nothing to say but a great deal to add
~ Gore Vidal

"Rulers of state are the only ones who should have the privilege of lying" (Well, that explains the last 2500 years)
~ Plato

"By 'known unknowns' I was referring to the universe's dark matter.."
~ Donald Rumsfeld

"I have neither time nor inclination to communicate the fullness of my heart in speech, I am resolved to do it in writing, and to print myself out.."
~ Joseph Addison