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Privacy Information for SheepOverboard Visitors

If personal information privacy is important to you, then good news.

While you’re at SheepOverboard your personal information and the security of your phone, tablet, or computer are at minimal risk because we like to keep things simple. We carry no advertising and only link to known safe websites. However, keep in mind that no website is ever truly safe and browsing the Internet is inherently ‘risky’ for many reasons [see 1. to 7. below].



Website privacy policies describe how Internet websites handle information exchanged between website servers and visitors’ computers, tablets, or phones.

SheepOverboard’s privacy policy describes how we treat personal information revealed by your device when you visit us.

In short, does not collect email addresses, Internet addresses, or personal information.

These are the possible exceptions:

  1. SheepOverboard’s web host, Funio Hosting, uses industry-standard web server software that collects IP (Internet Protocol address– the number assigned by your ISP when you go online)  and saves them in the visitor site logs, which are normally used to provide numbers of visitors, their locations, and software versions of the connecting devices. These are stored on a last-in last-out basis and so expire. However the logs can be downloaded by either the host or by us for long-term storage. They contain no identifiable information other than your Internet address in the form of an IP number, the link that directed you to here, and your web browser type and device operating software. We can make no guarantees for the activities of either Scala Hosting, the data centre they use, or the people who work there. That’s right, nothing is safe, nothing is guaranteed.
  2. The WordPress engine that powers this website might contain code that tracks visitors across pages. However, WordPress is open-source software scrutinised by large numbers of coding professionals. It’s probably safe.
  3. The WordPress theme supplied free by Milo317 is auditable by the same WordPress community and, like the WordPress engine, is probably clean and safe. Milo is a well-known and respected web designer. However vulnerabilities exist in all software libraries and coding.
  4. Your Government is tracking this thing called “metadata” so they know where you go on the Internet. On learning that you visited, however, they will likely file your dossier under ‘dumbass’ and you’ll probably fall off their watch list.
  5. No other known code that passively or actively accesses your computer – via your web browser – operates on this web site. However, it is always possible, even likely, that this web site may be compromised and malicious code inserted that will attempt to damage or steal information, or infect your computer.
    1. You should run the latest version of your favorite web browser and update all vital software on your PC – especially Adobe’s Flash, Shockwave, and Reader. You will find most websites nowadays work fine if using a PC and you uninstall Adobe’s Flash. You should do this now.
    2. Phones and tablets are more difficult to protect. Always upgrade the device when manufacturer’s notifications appear. Install as few “apps” as possible on your device. Just those you need to get things done
    3. Your computer, tablet, or phone must always use Anti-virus software from a reputable vendor. This software must always be up to date, preferably on an hourly basis.
  6. This Privacy Policy applies to website code and operations only. We do not exercise control over the sites linked to in article content. These other sites may place their own cookies or other files on your computer, collect data or solicit personal information from you – but only, of course, when you visit their site and after clicking away from
  7. Cookies – most web sites use them. A cookie is a small text file that our site may place on your computer to remember your preferences. You may refuse the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings in your web browser, but then you might not be able to use the full functionality of this or other websites.